Hi from London

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Hi from London

Post by John » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:31 pm

Hi all,

Quite excited about getting this bike. Mainly for commuting to work and keeping the bike indoors to avoid theft!
Couple of questions:
1) How do you find out your Batch number?
2) How do you specify your Bike colour?

I know they are STILL quite swamped at MATE - getting these orders out. The website states order now and get in July - but looking at some of the comment this does not seem likely. But I have not received any information regarding what Batch my order is in. When I purchases, I was not asked what colour I would prefer? Should I be expecting an email or questionnaire etc to confirm such details anytime soon. Additionally, I have noted that there is a new blue colour. It is quite good, and it is featured on a video of the bike being unpacked, and mentions in some posts. How do I find out more?



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Re: Hi from London

Post by timmarcum22 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 5:13 pm


Welcome to the forum. You will find this is much more informative than the "official" MATE helpdesk site.

From your message, you must be a fairly recent purchaser of the MATE. That means you are likely in Batch 5 (they haven't named any batches past 5 yet) or later. If you go back on the Indiegogo page and look at the updates, they will explain this in more detail.

I received an e-mail on March 24, 2017, that told me my batch number:
Dear MATE!

Thank you for supporting us through this amazing journey!

We are happy to finally tell you that your MATE is part of Batch 4.

As soon as our database is ready we will send you a link to confirm your shipping address and telephone number. Furthermore, everybody will
receive a invoice, and some of you will receive a link to pay any outstanding VAT and TAX.

Once your MATE arrives at its destination port our logistics company will take over and you will receive a tracking nr. by SMS and/or email.

*Please make sure to register and pay any outstanding payments - otherwise we can’t deliver your MATE. Keep a eye open and remember to
check your spam folders.

We are beyond excited to make this delivery to you, and we are so looking forward to seeing you on your new MATE!

All the best

The entire MATE TEAM!
Eventually, MATE sends out an e-mail that links to a survey that asks about your color preference; I filled out the original one in October and a second one where I changed my choice to Backer Blue on December 1, 2016). They used to send this out every few weeks, but with the current need to get the existing orders shipped, they haven't sent out color surveys in quite some time.

The color you like is called Backer Blue. Again, supposedly, this color was only going to be available to persons who had purchased their MATES when the Indiegogo campaign was still live (per Update #30). Since they are still selling their produces on Indiegogo (although they are in the "In-Demand" stage), I am not certain whether that option is still available.

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